Video Surveillance and Video Security for Home or Business

Wall mounted video surveillance cameraConsumers across America have become used to video surveillance or video security cameras being used in stores, day care centers, health care offices, and other common facilities. More businesses are adding this to their facility in order to protect assets, monitor employees and visitors, and increase security measures.

Early video security equipment used to give a fuzzy or grainy image that was sometimes difficult to identify. Advancements in the equipment can now provide state-of-the-art audio and visual evidence of people inside or outside the building, day or night.

A professional security specialist will answer common questions about video surveillance, including the type of cameras available, amount of storage desired, and level of sophistication needed. Traditional wired systems are still used; however the wireless video security systems allow more options for camera placement.

Knowing the type of surveillance needs for your business will help determine the equipment that is needed for a full video security system. Common areas to consider include inside or outside surveillance, whether you want a hard-wired system or wireless, the amount of time for recording and storage, and whether the video surveillance needs to integrate with other systems, such as a security system.

Camera choices can include black and white or color, infrared day/night cameras, cameras with wide angle lenses or those that can tilt and zoom, and dome security cameras that provide full-circle security monitoring. Higher resolution megapixel cameras provide better detail, while cameras with a lower lux setting can capture images better in the dark.

Storage options vary for security systems also; with DVR systems offering 4, 8, or 16-channel capacities. Network video recording uses a computer with specific video recording and management software. Playback and search options on surveillance footage are more sophisticated with network systems.

Surveillance cameras now provide the capability to be viewed using a monitor, computer, or smart phone, so security of the business can be checked no matter where a building manager or owner is located.

Adrian Locksmith can help you determine the best type of video surveillance system for your home or business. We are proud to represent trusted manufacturers like Merit LILLIN, Flir, and Digital Watchdog for high quality video surveillance equipment.

Affordable Video Surveillance for Home or Business

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