Access Control Systems Solve Building Security Problems

Access Control Systems for BusinessBuilding security is an issue for many businesses; and today’s access control systems provide the right level of security for your building, your employees, and your schedule. Gone are the days when a simple lock and key protected access to your business and the valuable assets inside.

Today’s businesses, healthcare facilities, educational entities, and government agencies operate on a variety of schedules – often requiring selective employee building entrance or restricted access to internal departments. There are three basic access control solutions that can be installed to fit the needs of businesses, both large and small – these include mechanical control, standalone access control, and hardwired access control.

Mechanical Control Systems

Mechanical control is the simplest version of access control, where a patented restricted key system is installed by a qualified locksmith. As a business owner, you control how many keys are issued, and extra keys cannot be duplicated without proper authorization. Mechanical control does not monitor who is entering the building once it has been opened, but it does limit how many keys are used for the building.

While mechanical control is the most basic level, it is also the most affordable, usually around $200-$500 per door, plus the cost of the restricted keys.

Standalone Access Control

Standalone access control is provided through either pushbutton, credential, or biometric methods, which replace the existing mechanical locks on the building. Pushbutton access requires the visitor to tap a specific code in order to gain access. While this is better than mechanical control methods, the access code can still be shared with others, allowing unwanted entrance to the building.

Credential access control introduces higher levels of security to the building by requiring the user to provide a proximity card, i-button, or other verification device that is swiped or scanned in order to permit access. At this level, building access can also be programmed for certain hours and certain locations for specific users.

Biometric access control operates in a similar fashion, but requires the user to scan a fingerprint in order to gain entry to the building.

Standalone systems typically cost up to $800 per door, plus the door cards, buttons or individual verification device chosen.

Hardwired Access Control

The most preferred level of access control is hardwired access control. This system operates with either credentials or biometrics, and involves the installation of control panels, readers, and local computer software. Using the software, access to the doors and areas of the building can be programmed for specific employees or groups, specific times and schedules. It also tracks who has entered the building and keeps a history of access.

Hardwired access control can normally be installed for $1,500 – $3,000 per door, plus the verification device for individual users.

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